DIY Projects That Won’t Sell Your House


When you decide to sell your home, you may think about tackling the DIY projects you have been procrastinating doing first. While doing some minor repairs can be helpful when you are selling, there are a lot of other projects that you probably should avoid doing before selling.


Unless you have experience redoing the flooring in a home, it is not as easy as the DIY videos on YouTube make it appear. If you have never done any flooring work professionally, there are risks to doing this yourself; if the flooring needs work, it is best to hire a professional.

A professional that is refinishing a hardwood floor is using much more heavy-duty equipment than is available for rent. When you finish your floor on your own, you risk not being able to sand it properly to get it re-stained, or it can end up being worn down too much, which will then mean you need a whole new floor.

Laying down carpeting is also not as easy as it looks online, and it requires some serious labor. Everything has to be removed from the room, the carpet has to be stretched properly, and the seams have to match up, then be perfectly sealed. If the carpet is not stretched, or not stretched properly, it can leave wrinkles in the carpet. If the seams are not matched or sealed properly, it can look unprofessional, and has the potential to begin separating.

Drywall Repair

If you have a little depression in your wall from a doorknob slamming into it over the years, or there are cracks forming because the foundation shifted, it is better to hire a professional than try to make these repairs yourself. Repairing drywall is not easy, and if you do not get it just right, the patch can stick out, making the area look worse. If you really need repairs made to your drywall, hiring a professional is better than potentially making a small depression look worse.

Roof Repairs

While roof repairs may be completely necessary, this is another repair that you should leave to the professionals. Doing your own roof repairs can be costly and if you have not done it professionally, there is a high chance that you may not fully fix the problem. When the roof is inspected later on once the house is on the market, they will point out the issues that remain. At that point, you will be encouraged to hire a contractor; this will cost you much more than if you had hired the contractor the first time around.

Tree Removal

If there is a tree in the yard that you have always hated, you may be tempted to have it removed before you put it on the market. You may want to simply do this yourself, but this is a project that can have serious consequences if it is not done properly. Professionals have tools designed to keep a tree from smashing into your roof when it goes down. They also have the right tools to dig around the roots and properly remove the stump.


A sunroom is beautiful when you see it on TV, but in reality, it is not as great to have. These rooms are expensive to install and maintain, and many buyers would prefer to just have a nice deck instead. Buyers may lose interest in the house because of the expenses that come with sunrooms.


You may have always wanted to add a urinal to your bathroom but doing so right before putting your house on the market will not help you sell. In fact, adding a urinal can actually cause your property value to decrease.