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Forbearance Update


  • Forbearance Update - There is a hidden cost to be aware of! Even though loans are reported to the credit bureaus as current, the credit report still indicates that the loan is in forbearance. Creditors and Lenders may not extend credit or allow for a refinance because of this. Make sure you need forbearance before entering an agreement due to this unexpected consequence.

Rate Flash

  • Rate Flash – Lending standards continue to tighten, however Keller mortgage remains committed to offering super low interest rates while maintaining ALL ZeroPlus savings/advantages. There are many factors that go into determining available rates. Although not every client will qualify for the same rate, KM’s average fixed rate for the week of 5/4/20 through 5/10/20 held below 3.375%.

*Information intended for internal KM/KW use only.

KM Drops Jumbo Rates


The Jumbo market continues to experience tighter lending standards and overall volatility, however Keller Mortgage remains committed to offering lending solutions and savings opportunity. As such, KM has made a significant adjustment to our available Jumbo rates today by dropping them to nearly 1% below the National average.

*Information intended for internal KM/KW use only.

Forbearance and Rates


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