Exclusive to Keller Williams Transactions

  • Zero Origination Fee
  • Zero Lender Fees
  • Plus $1,000 at Closing *

Towards 3rd Party Costs

  • Plus A Low Rate

*$1,000 closing credit on loans $150k +

-C. Duke

-Keller Williams Client


“We were excited to save over $6,000 in closing costs and fees. We are ready to use that money towards projects we have started at the new house, including a complete overhaul of the kitchen!”

-B. Pickett

-Keller Williams Agent


“Keller Mortgage did an excellent job of communicating with us and the client. Our client said she was VERY happy with the rate and savings that Keller Mortgage offered.”

-S. Rogenmoser

-Keller Williams Client


“I was impressed by Keller Mortgage staff members. Most importantly though, they offered me rates that I had not seen anywhere else. This is quite incredible.”


Customers have already saved

$20 MIL

with the ZeroPlus Program.

How Much Can You Save?

Loan Amount: ZeroPlus Savings: $4,000



(Loan amounts range from. $150K – $2mil)

Disclaimer :Savings based on comparison of equivalent loans when ZeroPlus qualifications are not met. ZeroPlus requires a Keller Williams Agent to be a party to the transaction, minimum loan amount of $150,000, and the first mortgage is financed with Keller Mortgage, LLC. Keller Mortgage does not lend on commercial properties.


Stronger Pre-Approvals

  • Fully underwritten pre-approvals We don’t guess, We verify We don’t do it later, We do it up-front
  • A Pre-Approval that sellers can trust
  • It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s all online

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